Cambiando el rol de las actividades experimentales en la enseñanza de electrónica de potencia

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This paper discusses the relevance of diversifying the pedagogical strategies used in the laboratory to achieve a more active role of experimentation in teaching power electronics. The proposed activities are based on the need to apply teaching methodologies in the experimental environment to stimulate students' learning and optimize the space and time spent with the teacher for said purpose. The initiative is presented within the context of using engineering resources applied in power electronics, such as rapid prototyping and power electronics building blocks (PEBB). The design of some activities in different topics of power electronics are described in detail, showing substantial differences with traditional practices. Finally, discussion highlights the positive effect of the activities proposed herein and motivates its transfer to other areas of engineering education. (English) [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
Pages (from-to)12-23
Number of pages12
JournalRevista Educación en Ingeniería
StatePublished - 2013

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