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In order to know the post-harvest and sale conditions of the Soursop, a process of investigation of the context and characterization of the different stakeholders is initiated, with the aim of favoring a broad and deep look at the problematic situation. This approach was based on the methodology of systemic research, which focuses initially on understanding and immersion in the context, inquiring about its multiple social, economic, political and cultural dimensions - and the different visions / perspectives, according to three logical chains: manifestations, causes and consequences. Doña Guanábana arises from an action research project that aims to create conditions for the possibility of transforming post-harvest treatment practices in Soursop that strengthen local identity and commercialization. The project is being carried out in Fresno, Tolima in connection with various entities of the Academy, the State and the Company. It is articulated to the hotbed of Systemic Design of the Design Program of the University of Ibagué and has been in development for a year. Methodologies of systemic thinking correlated with human-centered design methodologies have been applied, which have led the team to conduct extensive readings of the context and, together with the various stakeholders involved, articulated response paths to associativity issues have been proposed, imaginary about the field, commercialization and concrete technological developments. As a result of the experience, the approach has begun to dialogue more deeply with positions of autonomous design and futures design that have involved understanding, in practice, the process and the role of the designer in a more relational and communal way.
Effective start/end date20/01/1820/12/19


  • Soursop
  • Peasants
  • Participatory design
  • Added value
  • Autonomous design
  • Design futures


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