Street situation and social margin. Characterization of the Street Situation in Ibagué

  • Zabala Sandoval, Juan David (PI)

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This is a proposal to investigate the condition of the street as a phenomenon present in our cities and that does not cease to be the focus of multiple problems and adjacent phenomena, such as social marginalization, extreme poverty, violation of rights, social exclusion and discrimination. Which are the characteristics of the street situation in the city of Ibagué? What makes the city of Ibagué so attractive to street dwellers? What are the practices and dynamics of recognition and contempt that configure being a street inhabitant in Ibagué? How has the experience of living in the streets of this city changed? What are the life trajectories that can be articulated on the basis of their particular experiences?

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Effective start/end date1/08/1728/01/20


  • Homeless
  • margination
  • social exclusion
  • individuation


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