Relación entre razonamiento analógico y resolución de problemas de matemáticas con fracciones en estudiantes de psicología de la Universidad de Ibagué

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Different theoretical and empirical backgrounds were taken into account which indicate that the understanding of analogical reasoning supports the explanation of various domains in mathematics and can also provide useful information about its teaching. To support the explanation of the role of analogy in mathematical reasoning and specifically in reasoning involving fractions, instruments were applied in two sessions for 70 psychology students from the University of Ibagué. In the first session the subjects were exposed to a conditional discrimination test of equalization to the sample; the sample was a compound of two stimuli in relation, and the comparison stimuli were relational compounds; the task of the participants in each test was to choose the comparison stimulus that had the same relationship exposed in the sample. The discrimination was made first in a verbal domain, by different types of relational frames and then using in fraction relations. In the second session, the components of verbal and numerical reasoning of DAT. The results show that there is a positive (significant) correlation between participants' scores on the DAT-VR and those on the DAT-NR); also between them (VR and NR) and the hit ratio on RM and Fr. This indicates that the variance in the verbal intelligence capacity has a strong relation with the variance of the numerical aptitude and that these two are in direct relation with the capacity to respond to analogies and fractions in the equivalence-equivalence format One finding of special interest is that the relational framework that correlates most strongly with one's fractions is that of coordination; this may suggest that indeed the ability to relate verbal relationships and fractions are closely related in terms of the ability to respond relatively to events in different domains and with different learning histories. Also interesting is the negative correlation between response latency in the computerized task for equivalent fractions and the score achieved in numerical reasoning in the DAT test.
Short titleAnalogías y fracciones
Effective start/end date22/01/1820/12/19


  • analogical reasoning
  • relational frame theory
  • coordination relation