Promotion of writing skills in the university context, through Daniel Cassany's paragraph theory

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The object of study in this research is the transformation of the process of paragraph writing in university students. Scientific advances in this field demonstrate the importance of rethinking current practices in teaching writing and reviewing the demands of the academic communities in which learners interact with each other. Therefore, the university context demands from its students processes of comprehensive reading and subsequent text production; however, teaching activities are precarious or superficial in order to achieve a process of academic literacy; furthermore, it has been pointed out that when classroom educators do not foster language skills in their students, this may be mainly due to their lack of knowledge of the potential of teaching strategies based on tutor-regulated practices. Accordingly, the following research question arises: How to promote writing skills in the university context through Daniel Cassany's paragraph theory? The proposal is developed in the light of Daniel Cassany's proposals, since through his orientations the writing is interpreted, through the exercise itself, and the paragraph is given a foundation for the production of texts with a clear communicative purpose. It also gives validity to the grammatical component of the language, which is materialised during the planning, writing and revision phases and is complemented by the accompaniment of the teacher, without distinction as to area of knowledge. In this sense, the general objective is to promote writing skills in the university context through a pedagogical intervention based on the paragraph theory proposed by Cassany. At the same time, the methodology focuses on a mixed pre-post experimental study to evaluate the impact of the pedagogical intervention through the didactic sequence designed by the group. With the above, it is hoped that in addition to consolidating the didactics of writing, it will generate a key tool for the work of teachers and students in the classroom, promote the practice of writing as a transversal axis of all disciplines and foster networks of knowledge and research, by means of this skill. The experience will be consolidated through the writing of an article and the participation in a local and a national event, reflecting the process of intervention and its results. Finally, it is essential to be clear that this is the initial phase of an evolution that requires later phases of research. A central perspective is to encourage new projects based on the results reached through the present. It is therefore hoped to expand the body of research on this topic, at international, national and local levels, and to contribute to the interpretation of writing as a process that provides relevance to the components of language. 

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