Primary Prevention Program of Intentional Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents "Psycho-educational strategies for the protection of life

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the aim is to consolidate a primary prevention programme that includes a) a pre-test evaluation, aimed at obtaining socio-demographic data from the participants (through a socio-demographic data questionnaire); to identify concepts, ideas and previous knowledge regarding the subject matter of the study (evaluation questionnaire) and to evaluate the risk of suicide (suicide risk scale), b) the implementation of psycho-educational workshops that take up conceptual elements about
intentional suicidal behaviour and training in psychological techniques, and c) post-test evaluation, aimed at identifying changes obtained after the application of the programme. This research aims to give continuity to the study "Relationship between depression and personality traits in people with intentional suicidal behavior in the city of Ibagué?
Effective start/end date28/01/19 → …


  • protocol
  • suicide prevention
  • adolescent
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