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The World Health Organization and the National Observatory of Mental Health in Colombia agree on the need to seek new strategies that are effective in the promotion and prevention of mental health. One of the actions suggested by the WHO Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 (2013) is to promote the use of social networks as part of the strategy and there are already several efforts in that direction. One of the proposals for therapeutic intervention of contextual and behavioral origin that has made important empirically verified contributions is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT; Hayes, Strosahl & Wilson, 1999), which has as one of its main tools the use of metaphors. This research proposal intends to adapt the metaphors of the CT to video format, to share them in social networks and to have contact spaces of clarification in microblogs, with participants who will accept the contact and interaction around the metaphors. The main hypothesis of this proposal is that the guided interaction with the metaphors in social networks will promote better mental health indexes in the participants who are stable throughout the study. In order to evaluate the possible effectiveness of the interaction with the videos of the metaphors, a call will be made to select participants to whom instruments will be applied at the beginning, in between and at the end of the research.
Short titleMetaphors and mental health
Effective start/end date5/02/205/02/21


  • metaphors
  • psychological flexibility
  • acceptance and commitment
  • social networks