Strengthening of territorial networks for innovation in agricultural production units in the department of Tolima. 19-399-COL

  • Bermeo-Andrade, Helga (PI)
  • Velasco, Diana (CoI)
  • Gualteros, Bladimir (CoI)
  • Rugeles, Laura (CoI)
  • Toro, William (CoI)
  • Pascual, Dylan (CoPI)
  • Navarro, Laura (CoPI)

Project Details


The innovation networks approach allows understanding and study in the way in which knowledge is generated, exchanged and appropriated by a community, through formal and informal agreements. This project seeks, by applying the innovation networks approach, to design a strategy for strengthening territorial innovation networks in two agro-industrial chains of strategic importance for Tolima, with the understanding that these organizational forms are catalysts for technological adoption and adequate performance of the productive units.
The project methodology includes the identification of key actors in the chains, the application of the Agricultural Innovation Survey, for the subsequent use of econometric analysis and analysis of innovation networks. It is hoped to achieve positive results in terms of identification and strengthening of at least two territorial innovation networks linked to the agro-industrial sector in Tolima.

Key findings

Estudios de contexto en dos agrocadenas de Tolima: Arroz y Aguacate (Colombia).
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Effective start/end date7/06/197/06/21