Strategies for the construction of citizen training in the context of the post-agreement in some educational institutions in the city of Ibagué

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The main objective of this research is to identify the strategies that some educational institutions of the city of Ibagué have incorporated for the construction of a citizen formation in the context of post-agreement by the
that goes through Colombia. It is fundamental to approach the activities or methodologies that inside or outside the institutions The teachers are trained to promote coexistence, harmony and respect for others, guaranteeing quality education that builds on the different realities that citizens face every day. To achieve this purpose, it is essential to establish a bridge of communication with students, teachers and managers, and if it is possible to establish spaces for conversation with experts that allow for a broader view of
implications of the conflict, of citizen training and critical thinking in Colombia.
Finally, the work to be done translates into a commitment to the integration of spaces for reflection and participation in order to training in citizenship. Here the school plays a fundamental role, which, from a transversal approach, invites the members of the community to work in an articulated manner to integrate the entire curriculum in terms of critical thinking and Empowering your students towards conflict resolution from an attitude of participation. So that the
students and teachers understand the value of discussing, arguing and using language as a space to build a democratic society.
Effective start/end date28/01/1928/01/21


  • Civic education
  • peace training
  • Post-Peace Agreement
  • critical thinking


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