Learning achievements and previous competences required in internships and professional practices: elements for the articulation between university programs and working environments of their graduates

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The research committee of the Network of Reading and Writing in Higher Education (Redlees) of the Colombian Association of Universities (ASCUN) will carry out, through a participation agreement between the Association and the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (TEC de Monterrey), a mixed and multi-casualty research whose objective is: "To characterize the previous learning and skills required by various work environments in which students from different university programs perform their professional practices. This initiative aims to provide inputs for the curricular discussions that are permanently carried out in university programs, from the knowledge of the learning that students achieve in their internships or professional practices and the previous skills that these working environments require. This, without a doubt, will allow a better articulation between IES and the working world of its graduates. With this new investigation, it is expected to identify other competencies of central importance to perform in the work environment, as transcendental as reading and writing, which would have an impact on the exit profiles of the programs and, of course, on the learning and practices during their development.

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Effective start/end date20/08/2020/08/22


  • Learning
  • Comprehensive training
  • Professional practices
  • Graduates
  • Skills
  • Social Development


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